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Vintage Butterfly Studs

Vintage Butterfly Studs

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Introducing the Vintage Butterfly studs, a timeless and elegant accessory that is perfect for those who want to add a touch of femininity to their look. These earrings feature a classic butterfly design with a center stone, crafted with 18k gold plated over stainless steel, giving them a luxurious and high-quality finish.


The Vintage Butterfly studs are not only beautiful but also practical. They are water and tarnish-resistant, ensuring that they will maintain their shine and luster for years to come. You don't have to worry about taking them off when you're washing your hands or doing the dishes, making them a hassle-free accessory.


These earrings feature a bezel inlay pink zircon stone, adding a pop of color and sparkle to the design.


Their (W)18mm *(H)14mm size is perfect for everyday wear, and they are versatile enough to be worn with any outfit.


* 18k gold plated over stainless steel * water and tarnish resistant * bezel inlay pink zircon stone * (W)18mm *(H)14mm

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